B R I L L I  A N C E  ... “one part talent, two parts wisdom and three parts passion”.

-Margaret Mitchell 

“Good Morning”    1min.40 secs.- Duty 

Single-channel video and performance piece. 

Inspired by Artists Martha Rosler - Semiotics of the Kitchen 1975


A woman’s psyche slowly goes awry as the tediousness her daily routine begins to overpower her.

‘Never Done”  1 min. 51 sec.- Time

Single-channel video and performance piece. 

Music excerpts: The Chordettes -A Girls work is Never Done, 1959


Time passes as a dispassionate woman spends an entire day performing a series of tasks that never seem to end.  

“The Verdict”    1min. 52 secs. -  Escape

Multi-channel video and performance piece. 


A sleeping mom is woke when she realizes that because of her negligence her family will now be forced to suffer the consequences. 

“Mama Was A ShowGirl"    3 min. 16 secs.

Single-channel video and performance piece.

At 62  I take a look back at when body image and self-worth were a presiding factor in my life as I revisit myself as a showgirl/dancer 40 years ago. Now finally released from the physical attributes I embrace the body I now have and dance for the pure feeling of joy it brings me.